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House Tech Construction Company (HTCC) is a manufacturer of prefabricated wooden components. Most of the products are intended for detached houses. The company also produces prefabricated wooden components for apartment buildings, sound insulation solutions and solutions for public buildings and detached summer houses.

All Lithuanian-made products are exported to Scandinavia (primarily Sweden and Norway), which has the oldest prefabricated wooden building traditions. Some houses of this type are also built in Lithuania.

HTCC has been operating in the Scandinavian market since 2004. The company constructs detached houses, apartment buildings, summer houses, schools and sound insulation solutions alongside Sweden and Norway’s railways. As a subcontractor, HTCC took part in large-scale projects for the construction of wooden apartment buildings; HTCC also participated in the construction of the ABBA museum – a site of national importance. These buildings were built in Stockholm.

HTCC owns prefabricated wooden component production facilities covering an area of 5,000 sq m in the village of Mickai (Klaipėda District) on the Lithuanian coast. Production quality is controlled according to stringent corporate requirements and international standards (ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system).

HTCC is a member of the HTCC Group. HTCC Entreprenør, which manages construction projects in Norway, and Bra Bullerplank, which specialises in the production and mounting of sound insulation solutions, are also part of the group.


About HTCC

HTCC is an international group of companies implementing real estate projects. Its main activities include construction, reconstruction and renovation of prefabricated housing, manufacture of various structures for modular houses as well as consulting in construction issues.

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